Kids Ages 11+

Learn to code Python! 

Our program has been developed specifically keeping our audience in mind: Kids that want to pick up an amazingly powerful coding language. 

Why learn Python?

Most popular coding language
Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

1.5 billion devises

Python powers over 1.5 billion devises, and can be used for both desktop and web applications.

Sought after program at universities AND industry

Python is also among the top-picked coding languages of many industries and universities.  Having a solid base in Python can open the doors to the most competitive Universities. 

Python developers can command a huge salaries. As stated by TechRepublic, a Python developer is among the “10 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs of 2019”. In 2019, the average compensation for a Python developer was around $123,000 in the U.S.

Easy to write, read and learn
While Python is a powerful high-level coding language, we believe it is the easiest high-level coding language to learn.

Great Ecosystem

Among software engineers and developers, Python is widely used because of it’s huge ecosystem of vast number of libraries and modules, which makes it easier for your kid to take their coding skills to the next level.

Program Highlights:

  • Pick up coding with a program geared towards kids 11+
  • Provides a solid base from which to learn other coding languages such as Java. 

Spark their love for coding

early in life!


Choose from any of the below options that best fit your family learning styleor Kids ages 5-6



per month

  • Weekly class

  • Small group sizes

  • Convenient Scheduling

  • Attention optimized 40 + 5 minutes lessons




per month

  • Weekly class

  • Private lessons for an intimate learning atmosphere

  • Adjust to child's learning pace and style

  • Convenient Scheduling

  • 50 minute lessons